Mystic Star 5/4 Fullsuit Backzip Women Purple 2019 S,M,L


189,00 €

In comparison to previous collections, this suit has been spiced up with polar lining on the chest and back for a warmer core. The kneepads are made of a 4-way super-tex fabric; this is a durable fabric especially designed for protection. And to prevent water from coming in through the seams on critical points, the suits are enriched with critical neoprene taping inside. All you need for a great price! 


  • GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)
  • Critical taping inside
  • Mesh neoprene chest panel
  • 4-way stretch kneepads
  • Velcro ankle closure straps (included)
  • Lining saver
  • Overhead backup
  • Key pocket
  • Back-zip


  • M-Flex (50%)
  • Polar lining on chest & back
  • Soft touch (50%)
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