Aluminium HD Monocoque

Aluminium HD Monocoque


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New for 2016, these rugged, HD-reinforced aluminium models offer superb price-to-quality value with added tube wall thickness. Available in either 27-mm. Reduced Diameter Grip (RDG) as 140-190 and 160-210 with regular tail width, or 29-mm. Standard Diameter Grip (SDG) as 180-230 and 200-250 wide tail to accommodate larger sail-shape depth and draft. The C-Shape profiles now both feature a longer boomhead contact area for extra stiff contact sensation and less wear to the mast. There's also RDM/SDM interchangeability with integrated adapter, slick and secure double-pin adjustment and quality nylon forged head and tail sections for pure durability and comfort. With precision-engineered bend curves for maximum strength against deflection and distortion, they shift aluminium booms into a category that rivals all but our ultimate-spec carbon booms for resilience.


Monocoque HD RDG C-shape 140 cm 190 cm 2,65 kg 27 Regular
Monocoque HD RDG C-shape 160 cm 210 cm 2,80 kg 27 Regular
Monocoque HD SDG C-shape 180 cm 230 cm N/A 29 Wide
Monocoque HD SDG C-shape 200 cm 250 cm N/A 29 Wide



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